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truthahn handy?!

ist das die neue konkurrenz vom iPhone? hmm… definitiv nicht. aber dieses truthahn telefon ist wohl eines der verruecktesten handys die ich je gesehen hab. mehr informationen dazu gibts in englisch:
clipped from craziestgadgets.com
truthahn telefon handy turkeyphone Turkey Phone has a Leg Up on the iPhone

Sure the iPhone can surf the web and has visual voicemail and a touchscreen and 3G service and is generally awesome but DOES IT LOOK LIKE A TURKEY DINNER?? I didn’t think so. The closest the iPhone gets to food is the little Apple logo on the back. Yes the Turkey Phone is a real landline phone you can purchase. Heck, I might mount this on the wall next to my fake food pretzel clock. Baste yourself in the Turkey Phone’s moist deliciousness. Salivate at the sumptuous side dishes. Because Thanksgiving is coming up sooner than you think.
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